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    Bigger Dick Lube

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    • Clean the dick and dry it with a towel.
    • Put 5-10 drops on Dick and massage gently until absorbed.
    • Do not use if there are scratches, rashes, or allergies.
    • The first month preparation period
    • Efficacy: After the first month of use, when the heat rises, the cavernous body of the penis becomes more congested and harder!
    • Second-month change period
    • Effect: In the second month, the cavernous body can quickly absorb liquid, the average penis is 1-2 cm long and 02-03 cm thick
    • Third month enhancement period
    • Effect: In the third month, the corpus cavernosum can quickly absorb liquid, the penis grows by an average of 2-4 cm, the thickening increases significantly by 5%-10%, the erection time is longer, and the buttocks strength increases sharply



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